Softys Procurement Team is in charge of the purchase of goods and services required by the different areas of Softys, adding value to the business in a transparent, efficient and sustainable way.

It is responsible for the procurement process from the selection of suppliers to the formalization of the business, ensuring that the acquisition prices of goods or services present the real market value, considering the Total Acquisition Cost (TCO).

Softys Procurement Team works closely with users and suppliers to develop purchasing strategies that guarantee quality requirements, appropriate on-time delivery, and competitive costs across the supply chain.

It is present in the 8 countries where Softys operates: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico and Uruguay.

Mónica González, CPO.

Chief Product Officer

At Softys we have the firm intention of developing brands that provide the best care that people need in their day to day and at every stage of their life.

Together with our suppliers and business partners, the Procurement Softys team has the privilege and great responsibility of being able to be an integral part in the fulfillment of our ambition.

Our management in Procurement has a spending scope of 1.68 USD between direct supplies, spare parts and professional services. Serving productive operations in 8 countries, marketing products in more than 20 markets and serving millions of consumers globally.

Profitability as a turning point is a "must have". Today more than ever, in a creative and rigorous way, we must effectively develop and implement value-added ideas in the total cost of the supply chain. Developing innovative initiatives that contribute to excellence in products, in service to our customers and the continuous improvement of operational efficiency.

We have the great commitment to make a difference with our actions and to be a benchmark in the care of our environment and communities.

Today we live in a much more complex world: volatile, unpredictable, with great advances in the digital agenda, serving more demanding and well-informed consumers.

At Softys we recognize the great value of working with openness and close collaboration with our suppliers and business partners. By joining forces we can achieve profitable and sustainable growth together, contributing to the well-being of thousands of consumers.

The challenge great, we need the best! Are you ready to participate?


To contribute to the profitability and sustainable growth of Softys, being a strategic business partner, proactively integrating with our internal clients and suppliers.

To generate innovative initiatives with quality of service, which add value in the total cost to our brands.


To be a benchmark organization in the generation of value, which contributes to the profitable and sustainable growth of Softys, ensuring the care and integrity of our business.

Softys Procurement Team principles

  1. To act honestly, ethically, transparently and respectfully.
  2. Passion for achievement and excellence.
  3. To base our decisions by promoting innovation and sustainability.
  4. To take care of our collaborators, internal clients and suppliers.
  5. Business decisions based on the total supply chain.
  6. To promote healthy competition between suppliers, as well as strengthening collaboration with strategic suppliers.
  7. To perform in a collaborative and committed manner as a single team.